Track the things that matters most to you!

Compact, easy-to-install monitoring device without contract. Track of your vehicle's location, protect your vehicle from theft and receive notifications on vehicle status. Be informed of ongoing status of your vehicle, even you are not near


Unique solution for your motorcycle, quadricycle and boat security. Online location, instant notification about anything happen with your bike, driving analytic and many other features.
Easy to install, easy to use.  

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Crash detection and hit alerts

Get a notification in case of a hit or crush detection, even if you are far from your vehicle 

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Immediate vehicles status notifications!

Protect your vehicle against any unauthorized action and be sure your vehicle's safety anytime and anywhere

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Engine Health

The system control of vehicle technical condition, so that you know as soon as there is trouble brewing. Receive alert if your vehicle's battery is low and requires charge or change; oil level, rapid changes in engine temperature and much more* *Features supported whenever the corresponding data parameters are supported by the vehicle manufacturer through the open OBD-II protocol. Not every Sizzapp model supports all features

*Pieejamās funkcijas atkarīgas no transportlīdzekļa markas un modeļa. Lielāko daļa funkciju atbalsta tikai Sizzapp OBD2

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Eco Drive

Sizzapp analyzes driving trends and creates scoring. Personalized tips will help to improve safety and efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and depreciate your vehicle

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Where is my car?

Track your vehicle’s real time location. See your trips, parking places, trip time and speed

Real time


SIZZAPP app allows you to see vehicle's location online anytime and anywhere. The application is user friendly

Trip overview

Sizzapp will help you to overview your trips. Monitor your routes, parking places, trip time and speed

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Driving trends

Drive scoring and tips which helps to improve safety and efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and depreciate your vehicle


Protect your vehicle from theft. If someone tries to turn off / disconnect the device from the power or cut off the signal, the device will send a notification about it

Easy to install

No need in any engineer degree to install. Small device easy to install by yourself

Contract free

Easy to purchase via website in a few clicks. Electronic payment +electronic contract

No pay for service

Lifetime licence, no monthly fee. SIM card included

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2-Wire Smart Device

Secret & easy to install small device. Waterproof tracking device can be easily attached to your Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, Jet Ski, Motor boat. Just connect two wires to your battery terminal

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OBD2 Smart Device

Small device plugging into the diagnostics port of your vehicle. If someone tries to turn off or disconnect the device from the diagnostic port, the device will send a notification about it

Payment plans

Online tracking without hidden fees


Sizzapp account activation

*Each plan includes Smart Device (OBD or 2-wire), SIM card, SizzApp application
Buy now and use SIZZAPP without any additional payments as much as you want


Monthly fee

No additional payments required - all services included in one price. Use device whatever you want. SIM included!

Easy to get - easy to use

Order path

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Provide us information about the device and quantity you want to purchase. Also we will need your contacts and address, where you want to receive Sizzapp Smart Device


Worldwide shipment, you can buy and use SIZZAPP anywhere. We use direct shipping services to make sure, that you will receive device as soon as possible

Account activation

After receiving device download our Sizzapp mobile app, and follow the simple instruction, to activate your account


Install Smart Device following our step-by-step video-tutorial. Having problems? Don't hesitate to contact us or arrange pro-installation within your garage

You are ready to go!

Complete the tutorial in mobile app and use our tips, to get more from your car experience. We are continuously updating the Sizzapp mobile app, to make sure that you will get the best features

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Sizzapp team have more than 10 years of transport telematics experience.

We continuously improve the Sizzapp solution, to make the best monitoring system that links car with owner and related services 


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