Unique solution for your motorcycle, quadricycle and boat security. Online location, instant notification about anything happen with your bike, driving analytic and many other features.
Easy to install, easy to use.

Where is my motocycle?

Always know where is your vehicle, does not matter is it on the land or on the water, in a forest or on a field
View the ride routes, get detailed information about the places and time of parking and riding speed 

Immediate vehicles status notifications!

Be aware of any unauthorized actions against your motorcycle. Someone sat on in, dropped it down or trying to steal? You will receive an instant notification on your phone about anything happening with your vehicle.

All relevant information
In your pocket

Battery level, location, routes, speed, distance, parking places and much more. With SIZZAPP you will not only be sure of your transport safety, but also be able to track its operation in detail

2-Wire Smart Device

Secret & easy to install small device. Waterproof tracking device can be easily attached to your Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, Jet Ski, Motor boat. Just connect two wires to your battery terminal

Real time


Sizzapp app allows you see vehicle's location online anytime and anywhere. The application is user friendly

Trip overview

Sizzapp will help you to overview your trips. Monitor your routes, parking places, trip time and speed

Driving trends

Drive scoring and tips which help improve safety and efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and depreciate your vehicle


Protect your vehicle from theft. If someone tries to turn off / disconnect the device from the power or cut off the GPS signal, the device will send a notification about it

Payment plans

Pay for service


Sizzapp account activation

*Each plan includes Smart Device (OBD or 2-wire), SIM card, SizzApp application
Buy now and get one month free of charge


Monthly subscription fee

No additional payments required - all services included in one price. Use device whatever you want and disconnect at any time.

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Sizzapp team have more than 10 years of transport telematics experience.

We continuously improve the Sizzapp solution, to make the best monitoring system that links car with owner and related services 


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