SIZZAPP is Smart tracking and security system and reliable trip mate for your vehicle.

It is compact, easy to install monitoring device without contract and monthly fees.

Track your vehicle location, protect it from thefts and receive notifications even if you are not around.

With the help of this document, you will learn everything about working with the SIZZAPP application, from how to register an account to all the features available in the application.

You can download SIZZAPP APP Manual here:


Or you can also scroll down this page to see it on the website.

SIZZAPP App Tutorial can be also found in video format:


App language
Field for entering the code received via SMS
User country code
Registration / Authorization Screen
Code Confirmation Screen

Main menu

User profile menu
Vehicle name
Vehicle battery charge status
Connection status of the SIZZAPP device with the server
Total distance of all routes
Number of user geofences
Number of active rides together
Application settings menu
Weather (at user’s location)
Vehicle status (parked in motion)
Map with vehicle location
Number of new PUSH notifications
Driving Quality Level
Route planning function from the user’s location to the vehicle
The current speed of the vehicle
Main screen (containing the information for the current day)


User account name
User country code
Vehicle profile picture
Device and vehicle information
Add a new device
Selection of the vehicle to display on the main screen
Vehicle account settings
Profile and vehicle management screen

Device settings

Field for entering the unique 15-digit device IMEI number
Cancellation/ Confirmation
Device name to display in the application
Vehicle registration number
Vehicle type selection
Deleting an object
New device account adding screen
Device account settings screen



Displaying the current location of the vehicle
Share trips
Visual display of routes and stops
Open list of routes and stops
Summary statistics for the selected period
Go to home screen
Selecting a period
List of routes and stops
Route history screen
ist of routes and stops screen



Opening / closing the list and calendar
Selecting a period
Showing the addresses where the maximum values have been reached
Driving style screen
(depending on the type of transport selected)



Opening / closing the list and calendar
List of active geofences
To delete a geofence, drag to the left
Creating a new geofence
Geofence notifications settings
Geofence screens



Opening / closing the list and calendar
Notification history list
Setting notifications
Selecting date range
Notifications screens

Share the trip

Selection of desired trips
Cancellation/ Confirmation
Speed and address displays
Route Selection screen
step 1
Route Selection screen
step 2


Speed statistics
Select the date to display
Graphic display of speed
Detailed speed screen

Settings menu

Value measurement system in the application (temperature and speed)
SIZZAPP Product Terms of Use
Contact form for feedback
Application language
Notifications and their settings
Geofence notifications settings
The most frequent questions and answers
Signing out of the user account
Application main settings screen


Methods for receiving notifications
Available event types
Scheduled date
Selecting a new date
Choosing a notification method
Confirmation/ Cancellation
Organizer settings screen
Technical inspection event screen


Methods for receiving notifications
Types of available notifications
Options for sending notifications (when entering or leaving the geofence)
List of created geofences
Notification settings screen
Geofence notifications settings screen


List with the most frequently asked questions
User contacts (required)
Subject and question description
Confirm and send
FAQ Screen
Product terms and conditions screen
Feedback with the SIZZAPP team screen
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