SIZZAPP GPS Tracker without subscription for bikes | Smart Alarm Review by Yammie Noob USA

SIZZAPP Real-time GPS Tracker without subscription for bikes | Smart Alarm Review by Yammie Noob USA:

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SIZZAPP is an advanced 24/7 GPS & GSM Tracking and Security Solution for motorcycles that not only saves your vehicle but also collects its data and provides it to you in a simple and user-friendly way WITH NO Monthly fee EVER.

  1. Vehicle’s real-time location (GPS);
  2. Trip history;
  3. Trip saving and sharing in GPX and PNG file;
  4. Speed Statistics;
  5. Distance today;
  6. Remote unit configuration;
  7. Maintenance reminders;
  8. Battery level control;
  9. Smart notifications of hits/crashes/towing/device disconnection;
  10. Navigation to your vehicle;
  11. Routes sharing with friends;
  12. Group riding and events planning.

What differs SIZZAPP from other trackers?

We provide real-time 24/7 GPS Tracking without any monthly fees ever for our customers. So there is a life-time license for a one-time payment - a great deal!

Easy installation. 5 minutes and you are all set.

SIZZAPP is a reliable trip mate that is 100% made in the EU. We provide a 24 month warranty policy.

SIA SIZZAPP has entered into agreement No. SKV-2020/27 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency for receiving support within the measure “Promotion of International Competitiveness” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
SIZZAPP is a digital security and service platform that connects users to their motorcycles and favorite services through a mobile application. It is a convenient solution for any vehicle owner who wants to use his vehicle comfortably and safely. In addition, a new innovative functionality is being developed within the project.
Contract number No. JU-L-2022/2 and/or technology transfer project number ID No
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